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▶Provide full access to equipment on the narrow road
· Save time and safe access to load/unload
· Less Maintenance cost with sustainability

Air curtain

▶Block the cold air to leak from the refrigerated truck

· Prevent food spoilage
· Reduces the 50% of energy losses from the conditioned space
· Barrier against airborne dust, pollution, fumes and bad odours.

Eutectic Cold Van

▶Ice cream / Transportation / Fishing industry / Fresh and frozen food industry

· Saving cost : The cost of expenses is about 35% compared to sub-engine type
· Keeping temperature : Without any power, temperature keeps its cold latent continuously.
· Eco-friendly : No CO2 emission.
· Noiseless of refrigerated engine : No noise during running the van.
· Low temperature -33 ℃: : It keeps average -25℃ when ambient is being +35℃ in daytime.

Temperature Data Logger

▶Printable digital temperature data logger

· Built-in printer with expanded GPS modem
· Support telecommunications of PC, CDMA, PDA, Smartphone,   Bluetooth
· Language: English / Korean / Chinese / Japanese
· Easy PC program to input user name / company name /
  vin number