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Truck Body · Liftgate · Panel · Special Vehicle

Truck Body / Automatic liftgate

· 4EA of hydraulic cylinders to carry 1 Ton more heavier goods
· Custom designed plates for each customer's working

Sliding Automatic type Lift

· 4.5tons to 11tons of large cargo attachable
· Handling 300kg to 1500kg

Foldable Automatic type Lift

· 1ton to 18tons attachable
· Handling 1000kg to 1500kg
▶Low-cost and high-efficient operation possible under any working conditions

Vertical type Lift

· Strong and Stable structure.
▶Suitable for carrying heavy goods such as gas or
   plastic barrels, pianos, automatic vending machines,
   and etc.

Regular type Vertical Lift

· Strong and Stable structure.
▶Suitable for carrying heavy goods
   such as gas or plastic barrels, pianos,
   automatic vending machines, and etc.


Semi-Finished Products (CKD)

▶Body panel
▶Rear door and side door
▶Door frame

Sandwich Panel

· For Refrigerated truck / Caravan
   / Ambulance and other Special vehicles
▶Panel material option: GRP / Stainless steel
    / Aluminum / Galvanized Steel

Special Vehicle

Food Waste Truck

· Fast and convenient Dump truck type
▶Wide upper input hole
▶Rear gate hydraulic switches
▶Easier tank cleaning with additional water tanks
▶Superior safety and easy operation
▶Cost effective with prompt operation
▶Customizable for customer needs

Promotional Truck

· Custom design for each customer's
  business purpose
▶Available for other special vehicles like ambulance